How to do it?
How to Choose nice Laptop
Posted by : Abdillahi Mkwabi    Sunday, November 02, 2008
Are you thinking about investing in a laptop computer for your work or school?
Here are important things to note when buying a laptop

1.Consider the cost of a laptop computer. As a homeschool parent, you already have curriculum and homeschool expenses . By allowing your child to use a laptop for free online classes, you may be able to cut some costs elsewhere to help with the price.

2.Decide if the laptop will be strictly for homeschool use or if your child can use it to play computer games. Video games with lot of graphics need computers with fast processors. This feature can raise the cost of the laptop computer.

3.Consider investing in a widescreen laptop computer for your homeschooled child. With a widescreen, your child can use both sides of the screen for separate pages, writing on one while researching on the other.

4.Make a deal with a computer seller, such as Dell, for upgraded software if you purchase the same day you call. Customer service representatives are often authorized to offer you a better deal than shown on their website if you purchase the laptop computer before hanging up. Do this only after you've decided exactly what computer you want.

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How to Choose nice Laptop
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