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Foreign Aid: glaucoma to Tanzania
In spite the fact that Tanzania being richest country on earth, it is still considered poor, begging for dime and nickel across the developed world. This aid hadn’t empowered Tanzanian common man, instead it only served to further donor’s policies and regulations to our nation.

Misaada was supposed to be temporary strategy to help our economy to become self sustainable, however; for the past forty seven years we received billions of dollar and life is yet to get better for many Tanzanian. In African continent we’re in top three of the countries which received more money in form of aid.
If the Tanzanian are yet to be benefit from this aid, then who is beneficiary? Statistics shows that majority of Tanzanian are plunging into deep poverty, life expectancy is dropping to mid forties, which means the situation is getting worse. Aid is like glaucoma to us, it reduced our ability of seeing day after day, and one day we are going to be total blind.

Aid destroys our ability of thinking and creativity, instead it reward the idea of begging for everything. We have become the nation of whiner, that we’re blaming everybody for everything. Our leaders has turned to be diplomatic beggars, while the system has turned our people into disabled, by making them believe that government should do everything for them. For instance, for the past forty seven years we tried to fight hunger problems, but we failed. Instead of finding smart solution, we turned to the donors and ask for food aid. Last year President Bush visited us and offered mosquito nets to our people, do we real need help even on mosquito nets?

The notion that there is a smart man out there who should solve our problem is total insane. Tanzanian must liberate ourselves, as we see poverty to our nations, western nations they see wealth and potential to their investments. Most of so called “aid” given to us finds its way back to the donors as consultant fee and purchased machine.

Tanzania will never develop as a result of foreign aid, but rather by utilizing its resources to full capacity. We need to close all the loopholes which lead corruptions, and start to think about long term plans for economical growth. We need to tear all pages in our economical play book which said export lead economical growth, and work hard to empower our people on variety of sectors and reward entrepreneur activities. We need to build the system which will reward hard working, and punish laziness.

It’s about the time to rise the question of when are we going to balance our budget by using our own money? We have been collecting taxes for years, TRA is striking high record every year, but yet more than 50% of our budget is financed by donors. We need to read our budget page after page and erase those projects which don’t work. We need to restructure our government and reduce its size. For Instance, some of the ministry and departments needs to be combined together in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness.

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